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GYStech 3800 intelligent automatic12v battery charger, 3.8amp / 0.8amp

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Category: Power on the move
Product is in these Types: Battery Chargers
Battery Health
Manufacturer: GYS
Price:  £44.14

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The GYStech 3800 is a fully automatic intelligent 3.8 amp, 12v battery charger for lead-acid batteries (flooded, MF, gel and AGM types) which are used in motorhomes and other vehicles for leisure and starter batteries.

It has two selectable ranges: the low power range charges at up to 0.8amps and is suitable for small batteries between 1.2Ah and 15Ah - motorcycle batteries, for instance. The standard power range, up to 3.8 amps, is recommended for maintenance charging of batteries with capacities from 15Ah to 120Ah, or heavier recharging for batteries of between 15Ah and 60Ah.

In either range, the charging process is intelligent and fully automatic.

This 'smart' charger acts through up to 5 charging stages, starting with diagnosis and recovery; rapid bulk charging to 80%, full charge to 100% followed by floating and maintenance charge.

GYStech 3800 intelligent 12v battery charger for motorhomes


  • Smart charger ensures 100% automatic charge without supervision
  • Ideal for cars, boats, ride-on mowers, smaller caravan leisure batteries ..
  • Provided with two sets of connecting cables with either crocodile clips or ring connectors for longer-term connection to the same battery; the charger is easily attached to the cables / detached via a quick-connect socket.
  • Protects onboard electrics against excess voltage when charging an installed battery
  • Anti-spark system
  • No risk of overcharging
  • Protected against rain and humidity (IP65 - dust and splash proof - outdoor use)
  • Protected against short-circuits, reversed polarity, overload, overheating
  • Battery Recover function: yes
  • Type of charger: 5-step, fully automatic, switch mode with automatic maintenance
  • Mains supply: 220-240vv (50/60Hz); 70w, 0.6A rms max
  • Output voltage (nominal battery): 12v
  • Charge 12v: average 0.8 - 3.8A (EN60335); effective/RMS 3.8A
  • Charge 24v: average 3.5A (EN60335); effective/RMS 3.5A
  • Charging voltages max: [12v - 14.4v +/-0.25v or 14.7v +/-0.25v]
  • Fuse: 10A
  • Ambient temperature: -20 deg C to + 50 deg C, reduced power output at higher temperature
  • Ripple: max 150mV
  • Size - cms: 17.2 x 6.2 x 4.2
  • Weight: 0.5kg
  • Efficiency: >75%

Download the data sheet for the GYStech 3800 battery charger

Download the user manual for the GYStech 3800 battery charger


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