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Heos Lock 1958 White for Hatch or Door Motorhome Caravan single Lock each

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Category: Security and vehicle
Product is in these Types: Locks
Manufacturer: HEOS
Price:  £114.34

Stock (or expected despatch time):

Expected despatch four or five days

The HEOSafe 1958 lock provides additional security and is suitable for body doors, rear garage doors and external hatches of motorhomes and campervans, as well as other types of vehicle styles.

This ordering page is for a standard single lock with its own unique key set.

The lock is also available as a Single-Key option: up to five locks can be supplied which all use the same key, instead of a unique key for each lock. The Single-Key sets must be ordered from their own page - please enquire if you do not see the combination that you wish to purchase.

The Heosolution 1958 lock (expanded view) for habitation doors and hatches on motorhomes and other vehicle types Inside view (expanded view) of the 1958 lock. Neat exterior appearance The lock view from the interior, with the locking bolt extended. Heosolution 1958 lock dimensions. A montage of the steps needed to install the HeosSolution 1958 lock.

Instructions for use and specifications

  • The lock bolt affixes behind the door frame.
  • The assembly is very easy: just screw both parts together (the inner and outer housing). No further reinforcement for safe and solid installation is required.
  • Five spacer plates are included with the lock (thickness: 3 x 2 mm, 2 x 8 mm) which allow variable adjustment between 2 and 22 mm). With the spacer plates the distance between the door frame and door can be adjusted so that the expansion space between the lock bar and interior door frame remains about 2 mm.
  • The locks are suited for a door thickness from 20 up to 90 mm (using shorter or longer screws as required).
  • Solid but light-weight, manufactured using aluminium pressure die casting.
  • Special cylinder for the security locks with protective cap, robust reversible key.
  • The HEOSystem has been developed to open and close all locks with the "single-key system".

Assembly instructions

Close the door. Position the inner part of the lock at the wanted height at the edge of the door. Please take care that the distance between the door frame and the rubber seal should be at least 3 mm. Open and close the door to see if everything matches. If not adapt the height of the housing until it does. Now mark the upper and lower edge of the inner lock (picture 1)

Disassemble the inner lock - remove the two screws M5 x 7 mm - (picture 2) and hold the inner plate between the two marks you made. Mark the 5 drill holes (4 for the fixing of the plate, the middle one for the operating stem (picture 3 and 4).

Drill the holes with a 6 mm bit precisely (picture 6) and check once more (the best way to do this is by taking the seal from the outer lock and hold it at the outside of the door.

From the outside you drill now with a drill bit of 12 mm into the pre-drilled holes for the screws but not deeper than 22 mm (picture 7). This measure increases even more the stability of the complete locking system.

The hole for the operating stem is additionally completely drilled with a 20 mm bit.

Adjust the inner part with the spacer plates so that a distance between door frame and bolt (in closed door position) is approx.2 mm (picture 8).

Put the outer lock part in place (picture 9)

Screw the inner plate with the spacer plates lightly tight so that they keep in place (picture 10).

Insert the operating stem the inner plate. Mark the protruding part of the operating stem and cut it off (the length of the operating stem should matched exactly to the small driver pins(pictures 11 up to 13).

If everything fits, tighten the screws using a hand screwdriver. Do not use an electrical powered screwdriver!


As standard, the closing direction is clockwise.

By turning the bolt mechanism by 180, you can simply change this action to anti-clockwise (picture 14).


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