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HeosSafe Adapter 120118 Door Locks for Thick Habitation Doors Motorhome Caravans

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Category: Security and vehicle
Product is in these Types: Locks
Manufacturer: HEOS
Price:  Â£29.52

Stock (or expected despatch time):

Quantity 1 In our UK Stock Now (discount, if shown, is limited to this quantity).

This adapter combined with lock is suited for mounting on frames of doors, hatches, side and rear garage doors, independent whether they are locking left/ right or opening downwards and upwards.


The Heosafe Adapter 120118 as a mounting base for a door lock


  • This adapter facilitates the installation of additional locks on deeper complex doors of caravans or motorhomes with greater panel depth.
  • The adapter is adjustable in height: from 60 millimeters in delivery condition, up to max. 105 millimeters.
  • If you need less than 60 millimeters in the vehicle, you can shorten / cut both sides to the desired length.
  • To do this, proceed as follows: first shorten the lower part from the top, then the upper part from the bottom. Both should be equal. Finish by de-burring the edges and round off.


  • Establish the installation location for the additional lock. Place the bottom of the adapter with the front edge at the same height as the edge of the door panel and mark the contour. At the back, take into account the inclination of the adapter.
  • Cut out the contour marked on the door panel.
  • Using cardboard, make a stencil which will be put sideways on the cutout in order to mark it. Now cut out the contour from the template and transfer it on both parts of the adapter on its side tabs. Finally cut the unnecessary material.
  • Check whether the lateral contour of the adapter rests on the panel. Correct it if necessary.
  • Screw holes have been omitted to allow the adapted to be fastened with either screws or glue as desired.


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