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HEOSAFE Universal lock GREY for sliding or rear doors motorhome caravan van

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Category: Security and vehicle
Product is in these Types: Locks
Manufacturer: HEOS
Price: £96.64  £67.65

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The new HEOSafe VAN Security lock is a high quality device which provides additional security for sliding, rear and wing doors and its 'universal' design means that it will fit pretty much all the familiar makes of van which are used as the base vehicle for van-conversion motorhomes. Available in three colours: white (W), grey-silver (G) or black (S). This is the purchase page for the GREY version.

This lock is supplied with three keys which are unique to each lock (or to each set of locks when they are purchased as a set - see the next paragraph.

It is also possible to order the lock as part of the Heosafe single-key system which offers sets of up to 5 locks which can all be operated with the same set of keys: one key is usable for all locks in the purchased set. Please note that the single-key sets must be ordered separately as a set; you will need to contact us first as we only supply these to order.

The HeoSafe Van Security lock is simple to install and easy and safe to use. Its clever 'twistlock' operation allows it to be set to either allow or prevent opening of the door simply by rotating it 180 degrees. It can only be rotated if it is first unlocked using the key which means that occupants can't be locked inside by someone outside who doesn't have the key. Nor can the door be unlocked without the key when the vehicle is not occupied.

In its normal horizontal positions the lock's main body covers the screws which fix the base plate to the vehicle body; when the main locking body is rotated through only 90 degrees the fixing holes are exposed so that the unit is easily fitted. The key cannot be removed while it is in intermediate position.

An example of the attention to detail in the design of these locks is that the keys can be inserted either way into the keyhole, so there is no fumbling and irritation through trying to insert it the wrong way. And the same lock can be installed on either the left or right side of the vehicle.

The lock bodies are made of aluminium and are anodised before powder coating to protect against corrosion (they have a three year corrosion warranty).

Instructions for use:

Unlock the lock, turn the main body to the desired horizontal position (door opening allowed or prevented) and pull out the key.

The key can be removed only when the lock is in a normal operating position. Without the key the lock can't be operated. As a consequence there is no danger that someone outside without the key can operate the lock.

Assembly instructions (see also the photos in the slide show below which illustrate the steps involved. Click on the first thumbnail to enlarge the slide show display. The slides will play automatically but you can pause the display to give you more time to read each caption which explains the steps relating to that photo. Use the control to move on one picture at a time or to resume the automatic show):

  • Position the lock
    For sliding doors: take care to first hold the lock in position to check that the door will pass the door lock without any difficulties. The required clearance is at least 42mm (note that this allowance must also take into account the thickness of any interior trim panels which might be fixed to the inside of the door.)
  • Unlock the lock and turn it 90 (you can't remove the key in this position).
  • Mark the holes, drill with a drill bit of 3.2mm. Grease the drill holes and seal them with the foam rubber seals (which are included) before you start fitting the screws. Then fix the HEOSafe security lock with the screws (also included), by using an Allen key 4 mm.
  • Important Information for the installation of lock 1760:
    When the lock is used with sliding doors, make sure that any buffer fitted to the door to act as a stop when the door is opened fully does not collide with the door lock if you push the sliding door back fully. If necessary re-position the buffer.
  • In the case of basic van versions which do not have inside plastic trim panels which normally would cover the lock fixing screws where they protrude into the vehicle interior, whether for rear or sliding doors, instead of using the supplied screws the back plate can be mounted using common M5 stainless steel bolts which can be secured from the inside with the matching washers and self-locking nuts (these parts are not supplied with the lock).

Slide Show (Please click a photo)

As can be seen in this photo of a lock which is being used for a sliding door, there has to be sufficient clearance (42 mm) for the door to pass over the lock - you should check this before fixing the lock in position. (heosafe_1760_sliding_open) Using a key, unlock the Heosafe 1760 and twist the body 90 degrees which exposes the fixing holes in the base plate. (heosafe_1760_main) Note that the shape of the main body provides a slope which faces towards the sliding door when the lock is in the opening position: this allows for the initially smaller clearance when the door first begins to slide open. (heosafe_1760_fitted_side) Mark the holes, drill with a drill bit of 3.2mm.  (heosafe_1760_drill) Grease the drill holes and seal them with the foam rubber seals (which are included) before you start fitting the screws. Then fix the HEOSafe security lock with the screws (also included), using a 4mm Allen key. (heosafe_1760_bolt) The lock has been secured in position. (heosafe_1760_fitted_front) The lock is fitted, and here it is shown rotated to the locked position where the slope points away from the door and the lip at the other end extends over the sliding door which means that the door can't open.  (heosafe_1760_closed_locked) When the lock is rotated so that its overhang extends over the opening edge of any door (whether sliding or hinged) the door cannot open. The underside of the overhang is fitted with a rubber buffer to protect the door's paintwork. (heosafe_1760_sliding_locked) The lock is available in a choice of three colours - white, black, silver/grey - to help with matching it to your vehicle (heosafe_1760_onVan) The lock dimensions (heosafe_1760_dimensions)

You can choose grey when its right .........

......... or you can choose another of the three colours.


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