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HEOSafe cab door lock 12656 Ducato 250-290, Boxer, Jumper from 2006 to 2021

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Category: Security and vehicle
Product is in these Types: Locks
Manufacturer: HEOS
Price:  £164.81

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Warehouse holiday - despatch paused from 5pm Thursday 25 May until 5 June 2023. Orders are still processed during this time More info

This version has key locking. Supplied as a pair for vehicle years from 2006 onwards. Combat thieves who try to break into your motorhome through the cab doors. These robust deadlocks, supplied as a pair, are easily fitted to the inside of the cab doors and are operated from inside.

This model is very simple to fit - see below in the slide show and captions for step by step instructions.

The secure deadlocks are operated from inside the vehicle and prevent the doors being opened from outside whilst your are asleep or whilst the vehicle is unoccupied. Includes a lock and key which secure the deadlock bolt so that it can't be withdrawn by breaking a window and turning the operating knob.

The HEOSafe locks are part of a range which is available to fit most of the vehicles which are commonly used as motorhome base vehicles.

The range extends to locks for sliding doors and other styles of habitation doors, and lockers too, for motorhomes and caravans.

  • Very robust, aluminium body casting
  • Practical and user-friendly operation
  • Lock and key security
  • Easy to install
  • Oil-free mechanisms with Gliss-Coat so absolutely maintenance-free
  • Window sticker warns off thieves before they damage the door to try to gain entry
  • Three year guarantee
  • For Fiat Ducato 250, Peugeot Boxer, Citroen Jumper from 2006. NOTE: USA Ram Promaster might have interior door trims without the pop-out panel where the lock is fitted (see the slide show photos below). The locks can't be used in that case.

Click on the first picture below and then browse through the slideshow and captions to see how easy it is to fit these locks. You can click the 'Pause' icon and then move manually through the slides at a pace of your choosing.

The lock ready to mount (Heosafe 12656_1) Remove the door handle cover (Heosafe 12656_2) Unscrew the door handle bolt (Torx TX30) Release the base plate from the lock - take care, loose parts. (Heosafe 12656_4) Put on the base plate and fix together with the supplied screw M6 X 30 (Heosafe 12656_5) Fit the lock onto the base plate, taking care that the cone-screw slides into the drill-hole of the base plate, then fasten with the screws. (Heosafe 12656_6) To finish securing the lock to the door handle, drill  2mm and insert  the screw. (Heosafe 12656_7) In the area of the door frame adjacent the lock's bolt, press the rubber seal between the B-pillar and the plastic cover  (Heosafe 12656_8) heosafe_main_mounted12656


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