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Linnepe Trigas Alarm Next Generation 12v. CO, Butane Propane, Narcotic gases

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Category: Safety
Product is in these Types: Alarms
Manufacturer: Linnepe
Price:  Â£104.11

Stock (or expected despatch time):

Expected despatch four or five days

The full gas detector expertise of Linnepe is embodied this latest generation of the compact TriGasAlarm.

The small device is connected to the 12 V electrical system and has a very compact and user-friendly design, being turned on or off simply by pressing it. Its status, displayed by the colour of the LED which lights up the unit's face, is highly visible and easy to understand by.

After three minutes of calibration time, the TroGasAlarm is ready for operation.

High-tech beautifully packaged

The compact TriGasAlarm alerts with a loud 80 dB loud alarm siren.

Its highly sensitive sensor allows it to warn safely and reliably at dangerous concentrations of propane / butane (GPL) and carbon monoxide (CO), narcosis and narcotic gases.


Linnepe TriGasAlarm in Off state


Steady green - unit is in operational status


Flashing red - unit is in alarm status

Safety is so easy

The Linnepe TriGasAlarm is installed with a fixed connection to the 12 V supply of the motorhome - or caravan or boat. It is turned on by lightly pressing the large On button which is in the centre of the face of the housing. It then enters a calibration phase and system check during which the unit pulses with a bright green flashing LED.

The device is ready to detect and alert as soon as the green pulse changes to a constant light. In this operational mode can the brightness of the green LED can be changed to a dimmer level, if desired, by pressing the button once; this is useful at night.

If a harmful gas concentration is detected, the face of the unit pulses with a bright red light and the internal loud siren will sound.

Advanced functions

The advanced TriGasAlarm controls the functions of the sensor and each time it is switched on it calibrates automatically to ambient air conditions and temperature. The smart electronics will check the calibrations every 40 seconds and adjust them if necessary. The TriGasAlarm has an automatic temperature control and compensates for differences so that the detection of dangerous gases is reliable even at temperatures above 25 degrees C.

The operating states can be understood from the color of the housing:

Green (flashing) = calibration phase

Green (permanently) = OK

Red (continuous) = alarm with continuous

Alarm sound (loud: 80 dB)

Dimensions: Face 85mm x 85mm; depth 32mm

Alarm sound (loud: 80 dB)

Easy to retrofit

The Linnepe TriGasAlarm can be easily retrofitted in a motorhome or caravan.

The device should be fitted at a central location in the lower area of ??the vehicle. The TriGasAlarm only needs a connection to the 12v power supply of the on-board leisure battery.

Due to the low power consumption of only 95 mA once in stand-by, the TriGasAlarm can stay switched on during sleep times without any problems. In the off mode, the power supply is negligible.

Optional 2nd sensor

Optionally, you can use a second sensor on the TriGasAlarm which has a connection for that purpose. The auxiliary sensor has the same capabilities as the built-in sensor. In this case, with the the TriGasAlarm installed near the floor level, the 2nd sensor would be installed 10 cm below the ceiling, thus providing even better coverage of rising and falling gases for the greatest reliability and safety.


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