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Peggy Pegs set of 12 Medium size (N) pegs with clips popular versatile peg size

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Category: Outside
Product is in these Types: Awning stuff
Ground fixings
Pegs and anchors
Manufacturer: Peggy Peg
Price:  £25.18

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The Peggy 'N' peg (for Normal size) is the mainstay of the system being the most versatile size which provides a very powerful hold and can be used in most situations. This is a set of twelve pegs, and the pack includes twelve of the corresponding 'N' clips.

A pack of twelve 'N' pegs and clips

A pack of twelve 'N' pegs and clips

The pegs can be screwed in either by using an electric drill or by hand, in both cases using the PeggyPeg tool which is included with certain kits or can be bought separately. PeggyPeg's German manufacturer says that the pegs are 5 times lighter than an equivalent metal peg and yet their grip is ten times stronger.

Its design means that it is ideal in a variety of ground conditions: the deep-cut thread provides grip even in soft ground while in harder or stony ground the clever system of ridges on the peg allow the precision-made clip to be attached securely at varying heights on the peg so that the clip can be positioned at the best point on the peg - close to the ground - even if the peg can't be driven in all the way.

PeggyPeg in hand

The 'N' peg is 20cm long and provides powerful grip thanks to its deep cut thread and multiple positioning rings for the attachment clip.

Peggy Tool

The pegs are inserted using the combination tool which is bought separately; or it is included in the Starter Pack or Fix and Go Pack which also have other sizes of peg and ground fixing plates.

Screw in the peg by hand

Screw in the peg by hand ...

Or use the Peggy Peg tool in an electric drill (very fast!).

Or use the tool in an electric drill (very fast!).

On very hard ground - perhaps frozen ground if your'e the hardy sort who ventures away in all conditions - it can be useful to drill a pilot hole and then screw the peg into that.

Add an 'N' size clip

Add an 'N' size clip ...

Set the ring close to the ground

The clip can be positioned against a ring at an ideal height close to the ground. The clip's hooks hold a guy rope securely.

When it comes to packing up again, the pegs are easily removed: simply unscrew them.

Time to pack up? Simply screw the peg and clip out of the ground

Time to pack up? Simply screw the peg and clip out of the ground - very quick with an electric drill.

The strength of fibreglass reinforced nylon

The pegs themselves are extremely strong; they are made of fibreglass reinforced, UV resistant nylon. The clips are made of the same material and are so strong that in tests they have withstood the load of a 2500kg vehicle being held against an incline.

Peg 'N' details:

  • Length: 20cm
  • Material: Fibreglass-reinforced nylon
  • Max torque: 25Nm
  • Weight (per peg): 22gm; or 28gm including the clip
  • Strong and lightweight with very high grip

Why we rate the PeggyPeg 'N' GREAT STUFF

We have used the PeggyPeg system to secure our large and heavy trade 'pop-up' tents at outdoor motorhome shows and we also have used them to peg down our drive-away extra tent accommodation which we are using of late to supplement the limited space in our small motorhome.

We can vouch for their effectiveness in holding firm when our show stands have been battered by very heavy winds - whereas the supplied steel pegs would simply work loose and pull out.

With PeggyPegs holding down our drive-away tent we sleep soundly at night knowing that even a storm will not loosen the pegs.

And here's the best part of all: any seasoned camper will know that many guys and pegs make for a long and tedious job when pitching - the tent itself might pop up with magical speed and ease but it ain't over until you have done hammering in all those pegs. PeggyPegs make it all so much quicker and easier and the job's done with far greater security and confidence.

PeggyPegs has greatly helped to sway us towards the benefits of having a handy extension to our motorhome.

When we switched to a motorhome a good while back we left behind all that tent-pitching and pegging stuff but somehow we have been enticed back (well, partly) by the attraction of a quick-erect drive-away tent for extra space and the prospect of emptying some of the clutter out of the campervan while on site - plus the ability to accommodate the grandchildren on occasional camping trips.

And in any case PeggyPegs are not merely for campers: there are similar needs to secure things outdoors for caravans with an annex, and motorhomes with wind-out awnings. The PeggyPegs system includes special-purpose plates which are fixed down with the pegs and clamp to the feet of most common brands of wind-out motorhome awnings. The quick-release plates allow the awnings to be wound back, or returned again to the clamps, with the minimum of fuss.

There are also storm straps and outsize pegs for extremely loose or sandy ground conditions. And you can attach the peggy crocodile grip to a peg to secure mudflaps, groundsheets or tarpaulins.

Once you have a bag of PeggyPegs available you are likely to find yourself reaching for it for much more than securing a tent. For instance, we can confirm that the 'N'peg is a great anchor for a satellite dish tripod or a windbreak ...

Pack 'N' PeggyPegs and clips.


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