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Efoy Comfort 210 fuel cell, charging rate 8.8 amps, 210 Ah per day


Efoy Comfort 210 fuel cell, charging rate 8.8 amps, 210 Ah per day

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Peg And Stop Set of Six Pegs With Wind Down Stop Easily Secures FixGo Plate

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Peggy Pegs Crocodile Clip Grips Ground Sheets Mudwalls Fix With Peg, Set of 4

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Category: Outside
Product is in these Types: Awning stuff
Ground fixings
Pegs and anchors
Manufacturer: Peggy Peg
Price:  £14.84

Stock (or expected despatch time):

Expected despatch three or four days

PeggyPegs Crocodile clamp is a powerful, multifunctional, adjustable quick-release clamp. It has many uses and is ideal for materials which do not have built in reinforced eyelets - perfect for ground sheets, mudwalls and tarpaulins. Set of four of 4.

Size 12cm long x 4cm wide.

The clamp is made of fibreglass reinforced UV-resistant nylon. Its wide jaws, with gently curved ridges, grip firmly and the pressure can be finely adjusted to suit the material being clamped, simply by rotating the clamping lever.

Powerful lever-operated clamp - which can clip onto a Peggy peg just like a standard clip.

The gripping force can be findely adjusted by rotating the clamping lever before locking it down.

See my teeth - but I can be gentle too ...

Here a Peggy Crocodile clamp and peg are being used to secure a groundsheet which is having its underside dried before packing away; fold over the other half when the first is dry and the whole sheet can be dried even in strong winds.

Peggy Pegged down

See our GREAT STUFF comments about the PeggyPegs system in general in this product page


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