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HEOS Water Filler Cap 3-PIN with hose connector vented or unvented tanks

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Category: Water
Product is in these Types: Water Fittings
Manufacturer: HEOS
Price:  £24.36

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The new Universal HEOS water fill cap is supplied with additional adaptor fittings so that it is now suitable both for vented and unvented water tanks with three-bayonet caps. The new single model replaces what was previously two separate versions which were specific to either vented or unvented tanks.

The new design means that the sealing washer can be added or removed so that the cap can operate in either vented or non-vented mode.

In addition, an alternative bayonet ring which is supplied with the unit allows the same cap to be used with the smaller inlet which is used by a few motorhome brands.

This quick and convenient water inlet cap comes complete with an integral 1/2 inch garden hose type of connection and is suitable for most common three-bayonet water inlets on motorhomes and caravans.

  • Fast
  • Hygienic
  • No water leaks whilst you are filling up
  • Fill up single-handed! You don't need one person to hold the hose in place and another person to operate the tap.
  • 75 mm outer diameter; inner diameter 30-60 mm

HEOS Universal water fill cap from

The HEOS Universal water fill cap has a one-piece main body which incorporates a moulded-in hose connector.

HEOS Universal water fill cap from

The inside ring fits standard 3-bayonet water fill openings which are fitted to most motorhomes. The cap is supplied with an alternative ring for motorhomes with a smaller bayonet mount, and also with a sealing washer which converts the cap from a vented unit (for non-vented tanks) to a sealed, not venting cap (for tanks which already are vented via an overflow). The cap comes already assembled in its most popular form: vented, without the washer; and with the standard bayonet ring fitted.

HEOS Universal water fill cap from

The package contents: the cap, with the standard ring and without the washer fitted; and supplied loose are the flexible flat washer which when fitted converts the cap to a non-vented version (which is ONLY FOR USE WITH TANKS WHICH HAVE BUILT-IN VENTING). It is also supplied with an alternative bayonet ring which might be needed for a small number of motorhome brands which have a smaller opening.

HEOS Universal water fill cap from

The ring can be changed by carefully levering it out using a broad flat screwdriver. Push down on the spring-loaded centre to expose the gap between the radial ribs on the bottom of the centre structure and the recesses on the outer ring, then insert the screwdriver blade into the gap and rotate it against the rib to force up the ring. Repeat this at the next rib / recess until the entire ring pops free. The ring is replaced by pressing it back into the housing until it snaps into position. NB this is's recommended method - which we suggest is MUCH easier (and will not damage the main body) compared to the manufacturer's suggested method as depicted in a photo in the instructions.

HEOS Universal water fill cap from

Here are the two rings: the standard ring (on the left) is pre-fitted; the ring on the right is for the smaller inlet bayonet which is used on a few motorhome brands.

HEOS Universal water fill cap from

The alternative ring has been fitted in this picture.


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