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Universal Water Fill, with 6m 12v cable, w/proof switch + connectors, HEOS cap

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Category: Water
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Water Carrying
Water Fittings
Water pumps
Price:  £111.57

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With Campervanstuff's Universal Water Fill System, outstanding flexibility and ease-of-use is the aim of the design and components. That's why the hose arrangement will suit many types of motorhome - and the long power cable and waterproof connections will suit anyone who is looking for an easier way of transferring water.

Read on if you have battled with a power cable that's too short or if you have come to realise that your onboard tank is most likely to run dry when it's raining outside - which is not the time to deploy a 12v pump with connections that aren't protected from the rain.

And when its raining, your other half will be even less keen than usual to stand there holding the hose to keep it pointing down the motorhome filler neck, whilst you fiddle with the pump or dash in and out of the motorhome because there is no way to switch it on or off from outside without exposing an unprotected 12v extension connector to the rain - but you need to switch off quickly once the supply tank is empty to avoid damaging the pump if it runs without water for long.

With our universal fill system you can use almost any shape or size of portable water container as a source and you can transfer the water to a wide variety of onboard tanks without needing to have a particular brand of filler connection built in to your motorhome or needing additional specialised connectors.

Nor does it require a dedicated electrical point for the pump - it uses the standard 12v supply sockets which are already installed in virtually every vehicle.

OK, fill me with wonder - what does this system have? Click below to see our video. You can choose HD from the settings if your connection speed is suitable; you can also watch on YouTube.

    Wet stuff -
  • Hose and pump: food-grade hose, total length 3m connected to a Reich slimline 12v pump rated at 15 litres per minute water delivery, 1 bar. Power consumption is 36w maximum. (Our tests indicate actual delivery at filler inlet height is about 13 l/min.) We have provided a waterproof (IP68) detachable power connector plug on the pump / hose assembly so that the the whole system can be used even if it is raining, and it can be left outside safely.

    Because the hose and pump assembly can be detached from the power supply cable it can be stowed separately in your motorhome in suitable clean conditions away from the power cable which will have been in contact with the ground.

  • HEOS Water Filler Cap - plugs into most standard locking-type filler inlets, complete with hose connector. Note that there are three versions of the HEOS connector: we will supply the Vented version as standard with this filler system but please email us immediately after ordering if you want a different version - see the differences here - HEOS water filler caps

    The system can also be used without the HEOS caps- simply unplug the cap from the hose and place the hose end directly into the fill opening on your motorhome.

    Power without pain, even in the rain -
  • There are six metres of 12v power supply cable complete with universal plug which connects inside your motorhome (fits cigar lighter or DIN sockets); at the other end there is a waterproof switch box (box IP66, switch IP65 - which will even withstand moderate water jets) so that the system can be operated from outside without needing to have a helper inside the motorhome to turn the power on and off to operate the pump.

  • The power cable terminates in a waterproof (IP68) connector socket which mates with the detachable snap-on IP68 plug on the pump / hose component. The connectors are complete with waterproof blanking caps which can be used when the main connectors are detached.

  • The cable's ample length means that the filler location is likely to be within reach of a an internal supply socket in most motorhomes. The cable's wires (1mm square) are of sufficient gauge to avoid excessive voltage drop in the supply to the pump, while the robust and flexible nature of the cable outer makes it pleasant and easy to handle.

  • The provision of a waterproof switch and waterproof detachable cable connectors mean that although the complete system is proof against the weather while it is in use outside, when it comes to stowing away at travelling time the water and electrical halves are quickly detached so that they can be stored separately and appropriately - the cable (which has an interior-only cigar lighter plug at one end) can be stored in a dry area; while the wet pump and hoses can be stored in a clean location away from contamination.

In the slide show below you can click the 'pause' icon and then move through the pictures manually - to allow more time to read the caption explanations.

The complete universal fresh water fill kit for your motorhome
6 metres of cable is sized to control voltage drop to the 12v pump. It has a universal cigar ligher / DIN plug to connect inside your motorhome and a waterproof switch and pump connector. If you need to fill up in the rain, go ahead - you might get wet but your electrics will not.
6 metres of cable is sized to control voltage drop to the 12v pump. It has a universal cigar ligher / DIN plug to connect inside your motorhome and a waterproof switch and pump connector. If you need to fill up in the rain, go ahead - you might get wet but your electrics will not.
Reich slimline pump, 1 bar and 15 litres per minute, double hose serves as channel for power cable. We have added a waterproof connector to mate with our cable; and our added hose extension is fitted with a connector which clicks onto the HEOS filler cap which is also provided with the kit. Thanks to the waterpoof connector the electrics and 'wet' components can be separated easily and stored separately. The entire system is compact and easy to handle and to store. The waterproof switch means that the pump is turned on and off right where you are - outside, whatever the weather. The switch can be left on the ground, or held easily at hand. The section of double hose nearest the pump can be held so that it is quite rigid  which makes it easy to keep the pump in the best position in different shapes of container. The hose is long enough to reach filler openings easily, and the HEOS filler cap can be supplied in alternative fittings to suit different  motorhome tanks. Supply cable and hose connected up - any fresh water container can be used. A powerful stream - and the pump can be switched off immediately when the supply tank runs dry.

Why we rate our Universal Water Fill System GREAT STUFF

We know that in theory the easiest way to fill your motorhome's onboard tank is to drive to the drinking water tap, attach a hose to the tap and fill your tank (but note that even in this situation you will find that the HEOS filler cap supplied with the system can be used with the tap hose and it makes the job much easier).

We also know that in practice it's only easy if you are moving your motorhome anyway: moving it specially is a real pain. And even it you have been out in the vehicle during the day, when you return to your campsite it's most likely that going via the tap location it not the first thing on your mind.

Much of the time I have found it easier to make multiple walking trips to the tap with a smallish portable water bag which holds 10 litres - still quite heavy to carry and lift but do-able although at times tedious. However, whilst attending outdoor shows I began to take along a wheeled container to make the fetching easier, and I used the Reich slimline pump and hose (which we sell) to do the transfer.

But this Reich product does not come with any extended hose connection, nor with any electrical connection to the short length of cable provided. Through a process of adding to this item to make a workable arrangement for my own use I came to realise the need for the refinements which are now incorporated in our complete standalone Universal Water Fill System.

The high grade components which we have used mount up in cost, and our labour is not free, but this does a workmanlike job of smoothing one of the most regular chores of motorhome holidaying.

The only downside is that you do need to carry a wheeled container, but a small one like the Fiamma which we use shifts 23 litres and it is easy to pull and to stow. Even in our small motorhome it can be readily accommodated whilst travelling - and when we arrive on site it lives outside.


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