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CamperWater Internal Pump Adapted Fiamma Roll Tank 40L Blue Tank for FRESH Water

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Category: Water
Product is in these Types: Water Carrying
Water pumps
Manufacturer: Enetgy Limited
Price:  Â£248.34

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Campervanstuff's CamperWater enhancement of a Fiamma 40 litre freshwater roll tank integrates a powerful 12v pump, hose and connector, switched 12v plug plus a weatherproof storage box for the plug plus an (optional) extension cable.

Fetching water is an unavoidable regular chore whether your camping mode is a campervan or motorhome. Getting water out of a tap is easy but If you don't have an easy means of getting the water out of your container and into your onboard tank then the whole process can be a tedious and time-consuming chore.

Now our CamperWater roll tank makes it all so easy: roll up to the tap, fill the tank, roll back to your pitch and plug in the power and the hose - and it's done. The 22 litre per minute Reich Power Jet pump will transfer the 40 litre contents of the roll tank in less than two minutes.

The switched 12v plug lets you switch the pump on and off right at the tank which is the convenient place to be.


All on board - CamperWater's integrated pump with Fiamma 40 litre freshwater roll tank

  • Fiamma roll tank 40 litre blue for freshwater with adapted lid.
  • Reich Power Jet submersible pump, delivers 22 lires per minute, 1.8 bar pressure. Ventilated design means that the pump delivers water immediately at switch-on, with no need for priming.
  • Two meters of blue non-toxic hose with standard hose connector on the end so that it can be connected, if desired, to a special filler cap on your vehicle tank inlet. (We recommend the Heos universal water filler cap but please note that this is an option; it is not supplied as standard with this item. It allows the filler house to be securely connected to the vehicle tank inlet so that keeping the hose in place during filling is a hands-free operation).
  • A weatherproof - IP55 - Drybox (TM) which is mounted on the tank via our unique custom mounting bracket provides safe and dry storage for the cigar lighter plug which is fitted to the 50cm pump cable. Although the box is very lightweight it is roomy enough to also provide storage for an extension cable (optional) so that you can power the pump from inside your vehicle.
  • A handy clip on the box mounting holds the end of the hose securely so that it stays on board the roll tank between tap and ptich, safe from being dragged along the ground and picking up contamination.


22 litres per minute from the Reich Power Jet pump.


CamperWater's integrated pump and cable storage.


Take it with you, have it ready - the weatherproof storage box secures the 12v switched plug; and there is enough space to store an optional extension lead.


A place for everything, all in one place


Ready to roll, all stowed safely


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