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Reich PowerJet 22L Submersible water pump 12v 22 litres min 1.8 bar Powerful

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Category: Water
Product is in these Types: Water pumps
Manufacturer: Reich
Price:  £43.36

Stock (or expected despatch time):

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Reich pumps are especially durable and powerful. Their durability is enhanced by special high-tech sealing. A patented vent in many pumps speeds delivery once submerged.

All pumps are extremely quiet in use and the housing material is resistant to dirt and this makes them easier to clean when necessary.

Durable high-performance immersion pumps and their advantages:

  • The special high-tech seal with lubrication makes REICH pumps especially durable and suitable for short dry runs.
  • A patented ventilation system which is integrated into many of our pumps provides immediate output after immersing into the tank.
  • REICH pumps are extremely quiet and barely audible.
  • The surface of the casing is dirt-resistant, easy to clean and therefore extremely hygienic.
  • A check valve which is integrated into many REICH pumps simplifies pipework.
  • Higher output than pressure pumps
  • 100% inspection before leaving production
  • Low weight


  • 12v
  • 1.8 bar
  • 22 Litres per minute

    The compact immersion pump POWER JET provides plenty of pressure for caravans or motorhomes. The new, compact power pack from the immersion pump line by REICH ensures sufficient water pressure, in both caravans and motorhomes, and is called Power Jet.

    The requirements for water supply systems in caravans and motorhomes have grown significantly over the last years. Sufficient liter power and water pressure have become standard requirements for caravan and motorhome operators.

    It is for this reason that Reich has expanded its program to include compact and yet powerful immersion pumps. The newest member of the family is called Power Jet and achieves max. 22 l/min and 1.8 bar. It guarantees sufficient water amounts and water pressure even in case of longer hoses or several users at each point of use.

    As with any other high-performance immersion pumps by Reich, the Power Jet is serially equipped with automatic ventilation. Drain screen and different versions of the check valve are available.


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