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Toilet vent kit SOG II (through floor) Type F for Thetford types C250 / C260

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Category: Sanitation
Product is in these Types: SOG Toilet Vent Kits
Toilet Vent Kits (SOG)
Manufacturer: SOG
Price:  £190.66

Stock (or expected despatch time):

Expected despatch four or five days

The SOG II toilet venting kits optimise the well-known advantages of the SOG systems with a number of significant technical innovations.

The SOG II difference

The SOG II - which utilises a floor outlet - offers users the advantage that its filter cartridge and embedded motor / fan unit can be easily located in a wide variety of places in the motorhome or caravan; it is freed from having to be installed closely alongside the waste holding tank.

SOG II filter cartridge

The filter cartridge. The motor and fan unit is connected directly into the seal of the filter cartridge.

SOG II motor and fan mounted on filter

You can add optional lengths of hose between the toilet waste tank and the floor outlet up to a total of 3 metres - and the filter and motor cartridge can be inserted at any convenient point in this length. This means that locations for the cartridge or outlet might be, for example, in the onboard garage, under a seat, in the double floor or in a the storage compartment.

SOG II installationn examples

The SOG II models are connected to the toilet in the same manner as the attachment options used with normal SOG toilet vent kits. The venting to the exterior however occurs through the floor. The fact that the filter unit is placed inside the vehicle means that no changes need to be made to the visible vehicle exterior and the system does not need to match its exterior design.

The system's motor and fan is fitted into the seal of the filter and is therefore barely audible. A hose or pipe extension of up to 3m in total can be attached in combinations of length before or after the fan / cartridge unit in order to find a suitable position.

The combination of the filter casing's technical design and the system's flow mechanics enables it to achieve outstanding filtering results, meaning that the odorous air that is removed by suction is completely neutralised, according to SOG. This system therefore is also ideally suited for installation in motorhomes, caravans or other vehicles where an external annex, awning or other outdoor living area might be used.

SOG II installed

About the SOG toilet ventilation system

The SOG toilet ventilation kit converts your Thetford toilet into a chemical-free system which is not only a completely green solution but also banishes smells from the interior of your unit. No chemical smells and no smells from waste matter, even during use of the toilet.

The high quality system from the German company SOG is available in a variety of kits which are purpose-made to fit different Thetford installations. All the kits cost the same (except that the SOG II through-the-floor range does cost a few pounds more) - you only have to select the right kit for your toilet.

It's easy to choose the right kit for your toilet - see the link below to go to our detailed information and selection table for kit types which explains briefly how the connections for each type differ.

Choose the right SOG kit type - campervanstuff's low-down on the SOG toilet ventilation system

If you already know the type you need, you can browse for it in campervanstuff's range of SOG products: Other SOG kits and accessories in the shop.


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