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3M in-line water filter kit E1- great tasting cleaner water. Inhibits bacteria

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Category: Water
Product is in these Types: Filters
Water Filters
Manufacturer: 3M
Price:  £115.26

Stock (or expected despatch time):

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This easy to install do-it-yourself kit comes from the manufacturer of 3M water filtration products which has been developing residential and commercial water filtration systems for over 90 years and is one of the world's leading producers.

NOT AVAILABLE. Please note that 3M is no longer supplying the E1 filter kits. For a replacement see the higher performance 0.2 micron E2 kits.

The standard E1 cartridge filters down to 5 micron and there is an optional replacement cartridge E2 which filters down to 0.2 micron.

Now it has introduced its new in-line water filter for motorhomes and caravans, promising cleaner and better tasting water for drinking, food preparation and cooking, plus bacterial inhibition.The system also offers an exceptionally long cartridge life with a singe cartridge lasting an entire season of six months - most competing products should have their cartridges replaced every month (and owners who neglect to do this might be inadvertently increasing their risk from bacteria since all expired filters can actually harbour and promote the growth of bacteria).

3M's filters give significant savings in cost and and storage or fridge space compared to using bottled water for drinking, with a cost of less than half of one p per litre (based on the recommended retail price of £29.95 per replacement cartridge at 7500 litres of flow). This is only a fraction of the cost of bottled water, even at the lowest supermarket prices. comment: even if you are not going to get through 7,500 litres of drinking water in a season (well we get thirsty but to be honest not that thirsty), think about how many litres of bottled of water you might use over a whole season and then add up the cost of that. It is also likely that you use a lot of water in food preparation and cooking. And don't forget that we sell the cartridges at below recommended retail price. See E1 Replacement cartridge or E2 Replacement cartridge, 0.2 micron

The filters remove at least 95 per cent of chlorine, taste and odour and cut out sediment , dirt, rust and sand and silt down to 5 microns, as well as having built-in bacteria inhibition.

The E2 filters additionally remove 99.99% of bacteria, parasitic cysts, algae spores and mould.

See comparative details for the two cartridges here: Datasheet for E1 and E2 cartridges

Installation of the system and cartridge replacement is exceptionally easy, thanks to the fixed filter head bracket which is fitted in-line in the cold water supply to your sink tap, using the alternative pipe fittings provided. Picture - installed under the sink

The filter cartridge plugs into the bracket which has a self-sealing valve so that there is no leakage when the cartridge is removed. The kit also includes a blank 'sanitising plug' - a blanking plug which is fitted in place of a cartridge and opens the valve to allow water to flow through to the taps when you want to disinfect your system. This is because disinfectant solutions would damage the filter cartridge if it was left in place. Once the system has been flushed with clean water the cartridge can be re-installed.

Kit contents

  • Filter Head / bracket
  • Cartridge model E1
  • 2 x 3/8 in to 12mm JG fitting
  • 2 x 3/8in to 12mm barbs
  • Sanitising plug
  • Installation instructions

Technical information

  • Typical flow rate: 4 litres per minute
  • Capacity: 7500 litres Operating pressure: 172 - 862kPA (1.72 - 8.62 bar)
  • Operating temperature: 4.4 deg C - 38 C comment: this system is not intended for use with dangerous water supplies which are likely to contaminated with certain hazardous classes of bacteria; however we understand that 3M's specialised filters which are designed for use in these circumstances, can be plugged into this system in place of the standard filter cartridge. If you are travelling to areas where you would have concerns about the water supply, please contact us for advice.


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