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Digital air compressor 12v, 120psi, inflates tyres automatically and accurately

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Category: Driving
Product is in these Types: Air Compressors
Tyre Inflators
Tyre Pressure
Manufacturer: Ring
Price:  36.32

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The Ring RAC600 air compressor has a preset mode which allows you to set the desired pressure and the unit then turns itself off automatically when it has inflated the tyre to this pressure. Complete with 2-piece adapter kit. Fitted with fused cigarette lighter plug and approximately 3.3m of cable. Built in white light for direction and red light for alert/SOS. Flexible air hose with screw-on connector.

This tyre inflator has won several Best Buy awards in magazine tests.Which, the UK consumer organisation, rated it a Best Buy (November 2008) with one of the fastest inflation rates in its test and accuracy to within +/- 1psi.

  • Voltage: 12v
  • Max amperage: 10amp
  • Wattage: 120w
  • Max presssure: 120psi
  • Air line: 60cm
  • Power cable: 3.3m, with fused cigar lighter plug
  • Digital pressure gauge displays choice of psi, bar or kpa

Why we rate it GREAT STUFF!

I was looking for a tyre inflator which was compact enough to keep in the motorhome but which would provide a reasonably fast performance.

I had grown tired of lugging our 'power station' up to our regular parking place. It was powered by its own battery; heavy to carry, too bulky to leave it in the vehicle - and a very, very slow compressor.

The Ring RAC600 is a speedy performer and everything on it works well.

It is powered from the vehicle cigar lighter socket and has a digital display which shows the current tyre pressure or (during set-up) the target pressure. The latter can be preset and the unit switches off when that pressure is reached. The illuminated digital display is very easy to read compared to a dial-type of gauge.

From other test reports I had read - notably Which - I was expecting it to be pretty accurate. The instruction book doesn't actually specify its accuracy and if fact it advises also using a separate gauge to check pressures. I have compared the compressor's results with my Ring digital pressure gauge (see related products) and found that the RAC600's reading was about 1.5psi to 2psi higher.

In practice, some of this difference will be accounted for by the escape of air as the unit's hose is detached from the tyre valve. The hose fitting is a screw-on type which probably allows a greater escape of air as it is being removed, although it does ensure that there is no leakage during inflation.

In practice I set the RAC600 to 2psi higher than the required pressure; if, after removing the hose I check with the separate gauge this reads spot-on. Our front tyres require 6psi more pressure than the rear so I use the preset function with auto stop for the front tyres; it's not worth changing the preset value every time so for the rear tyres I simply press the 'Off' button when the lower pressure is reached.

The built-in white light torch provides plenty of illumination around the tyre area for night time use. Alternatively the unit can be switched to show a flashing red warning light - and even has a mode which signals SOS in morse. Well, you never know ...

The air hose and 3.3m power supply cable with its attached cigar lighter plug are stowed in their own separate recesses in the unit's plastic casing. It is very easy to release and stow the air hose but the power cable is more of a pain to stow because the recess is barely big enough and the cable is quite stiff.

No doubt there's a best way of doing this and I'll improve - but I might be tempted to just leave the cable stowed, with the plug right on top and then use a separate extension which I can stow separately. Our heavy-duty extension accessory is 12 feet long and with its amply-sized cable thickness should ensure that voltage drop is not a problem. It will also give more reach on its own - and if I needed even greater length I would simply dig out the RAC600's built-in cable from its recess.

The RAC600 is supplied in a very robust, zippered fabric case which measures about 18cms x 19 cms x 8cms - nicely stow-able.. Total weight including case is 1.25kg.


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