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Victron MultiPlus C 12/1200/50-16 Inverter + Charger, 1000w / 1200VA continuous

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Category: Power on the move
Product is in these Types: Battery Chargers
Battery Health
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Inverters Pure Sine

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Inverters Modified Sine
Manufacturer: Victron Energy
Price:  £867.46

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Victron's Phoenix Multiplus has all features of a sine wave inverter and charger in one compact enclosure.
UPS functionality: seamless transfer from external AC to inverter supply.

A unique AC power management system will prevent overload of a limited AC source. First, battery charging will automatically be reduced when otherwise an overload would occur. The second level will boost the output of a generator or hook-up supply with power taken from the battery: where peak power is often required only for a limited period, the Victron Phoenix MultiPlus will make sure that insufficient hook-up or generator power is immediately compensated for by power from the battery.

Scalable: any number of units can be paralleled in single phase, split phase and three phase configuration.

Size (mm): 375 x 214 x 110 Weight: 10 kg

Please note that the picture is of the similar 1600 watt version.

Why we rate it GREAT STUFF!

Once we decided we would take with us mains-powered equipment like toaster, electric kettle, television, computer, Remoska electric cooker (love it) there didn't seem much point in lugging all this about if we didn't always have mains power - and of course a hook-up is not always available. The MultiPlus's powerful inverter (we chose the 1000 watt version - continuous but up to 2400 watts peak) can power all of our equipment, with the highest quality clean sine-wave 230v supply.

But that's only part of the picture. If we do have a hook-up but of only limited amperage (say 4 or 6 amps) or if we use our small Honda EU 10i generator (900 watts continuous, peak 1kw) but we switch on too many appliances for the available supply, the MultiPlus's inverter PowerAssist function kicks in automatically within milliseconds, and supplements the hook-up or generator supply. This means that a generator can be sized at much less than potential loads, saving costs, weight and bulk. For instance we have available 1.9 kw continuous or 3.4 kw peak. Unplug the hook-up while a computer is still running? No problem, the inverter takes over so fast that it serves as a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) .

An optional remote control panel for the MultiPlus also allows us to dial-in a maximum value for the hook-up supply: the MultiPlus then protects against drawing a higher current which might trip a cut-out on the campsite supply.

You might have noticed that so far all of this amounts to a hammering for our hardworking leisure battery which is soon going to run out of charge at this rate. This is where the MultPlus's sophisticated charger takes over. Whenever it is connected to an external 230 v supply - hook-up or generator - the MultiPlus constantly monitors how much of that external supply is not being utilised to run appliances and the surplus is used to re-charge the battery. The MultPlus has a very large charging capability: up to 50 amps (for our 1000 watt version) which in practice is too much for typical motorhome battery installations; however a maximum charging amperage can be programmed into the unit to match it to your battery size; this is done before the MultiPlus is despatched to you (or you can do it yourself using a laptop computer but you would need to buy the optional interface connector).

Like everything else about the MultiPlus, the charger is designed to optimise the capacity and service life of your battery. It's multistage charging regime can be set to cater for all the types of batteries commonly used in motorhomes.

Specification Datasheet
Multiplus Brochure
Quick Installation
Manual Multiplus Compact
User and installation manual


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