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GYS PSW8600 Pure Sine Wave Inverter 600w Continuous 12v to 230v Twin UK Plus USB

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Category: Power on the move
Product is in these Types: Inverters all
Inverters Pure Sine
Manufacturer: GYS
Price:  £87.86

Stock (or expected despatch time):

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This is a pure sine wave 12v / 230v inverter in the GYS premium PSW range and is rated at 600 watts continuous.

There are three models in the PSW range with continuous outputs of 300w, 600w and 1500w - and peak powers of double those levels. This premium range of Pure Sine Wave inverters delivers a much higher quality output compared to Modified Sine Wave inverters and is suitable for all appliances including high quality and sensitive devices.

Their output quality is similar to or better than that of normal domestic mains power supplies.

The advanced microprocessor design means that they are small and light with a stable output and high conversion efficiency. They are also quiet: intelligent circuitry means that the ventilation fans do not come on unless the inverter is working at higher outputs and is becoming warmer.

The inverters feature a digital display panel which switches automatically between readouts of the input source voltage (input voltage from your battery) and the watts being drawn by the 230v appliances attached to the output sockets.

The competitive pricing means that it is now far easier on the pocket to opt for the benefits of a pure sine inverter - and be sure that it will safely and reliably power any 230v device within its output capacity.

The inverter is supplied with connector leads which must be attached directly to the battery; they include an earth connection lead to attach to a vehicle body earth point.

The 230v output is via two UK-type sockets and in addition there is a 5v USB power socket rated at 500mA

GYS PSW 8600 600w pure sine wave inverter at

The GYS PSW8600 600w pure sine inverter

Features - high quality output and advanced design

  • Pure sine wave 230v output up to 600w continuous 1200w peak.
  • Light, compact and versatile: high quality output supply is suitable for powering any 230v device within the inverter's wattage capacity.
  • Two 230v sockets plus a 5v USB power socket (500mA)
  • Thermal protection, intelligent fan which only runs when additional cooling is needed.
  • Protected against overload and short-circuits
  • Protected against over and under voltage
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