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Teconnex Advanced 100Ah 12v LiFePO4 Battery Made In UK Built-in BMS Bluetooth

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Category: Power on the move
Product is in these Types: Batteries
Batteries Lithium
Manufacturer: Teconnex Ltd
Price:  Â£894.83

Stock (or expected despatch time):

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The Teconnex Advanced 100Ah 12v LiFePO4 battery has a built-in BMS (Battery Management System) and bluetooth control app with some very advanced functions.

UK company Teconnex Ltd has moved into the power sector with a new leisure lithium battery which it is now under production in the UK - proudly Made in Yorkshire.

The Advanced 100 Battery for motorhomes, caravans and boats is built at the company's works in Keighley and is the first offering, which arrived on the market in August 2023. Other configurations will follow. The Advanced 100 itself can be linked in parallel in a bank of two or three batteries, providing up to 300Ah.

Teconnex Ltd, which began 1n 1956 and has since expanded into many sectors and operates globally, has now created Teconnex Power which has launched the Advanced 100 battery.

Please note that's price INCLUDES DELIVERY IN THE UK MAINLAND plus only our standard delivery charge at checkout.


What makes it different?

Teconnex Power Advanced 100 Vs Standard Lithium battery

  • In-house Teconnex UK design. Our products are built from the ground up by our own engineers.
  • Industry leading battery cycle life, battery operational voltage and battery depth of discharge capacity.
  • Grade A assured LiFePO4 cells providing long-term product performance.
  • Cell type & chemistry: Prismatic 3.2v LiFePO4 100Ah
  • Self-isolate features for added safety thanks to ability to isolate with Off and On modes via the Power Smart app.
  • Safe to operate, including extensive in-built safety features providing high levels of protection.
  • Clear visibility and user control of the battery via the Bluetooth enabled Android and Apple IOS app.
  • Rigorous component sourcing for the highest levels of quality and reliability.
  • Very low rates of self-discharge when the product is not in use or is left in storage.
  • Teconnex's heritage of more than 70 years of UK based manufacturing expertise.
  • Knowledgeable UK based customer support and technical service teams.

Battery service life:

Extended warranty offering up to five years peace of mind from date of first purchase (registration required).

The Teconnex Advanced 100 is a 12.8V 100Ah LiFePO4 battery. Designed to offer 3000 cycles [1] - equivalent to up to 10 years [2] of use. This can be up to 10 times the life of a typical lead-acid battery.

At 11.4kg the Advanced 100 weighs approximately half of the weight of a typical lead-acid battery. Benefit from performance advantages way beyond other battery types. Enjoy 12.8V including when operating at high discharge levels.

Enjoy a minimum of 12V even at high discharge rates of up to 100A not only when the Advanced 100 is fully charged, but throughout each use including as the battery approaches a complete discharge.

Safety protection:

The Teconnex Power Advanced 100 has an in-built Battery Management System (BMS) to protect the unit from overcharging, overheating, short circuit, excess discharging, long storage cell failure and cold storage cell failure.

The battery will not charge when its internal temperature is lower than 0.5 deg C, so it is protected against frost damage (lithium batteries must not be charged at freezing temperatures - although they can be discharged so you still will have power).

Robust environmental safety features have been designed within the Advanced 100, providing high levels of LiFePO4 product assurance and safety protection for the owner.

1. We define a cycle as when the product completes a combined charge and discharge of at least 70% of the specified original nominal energy capacity. 2. Our specifications are based on the Advanced 100 performing a maximum of 300 cycles in any measured 12 month period.


The App: TeconnexPower has functions which include remotely turning the battery On or Off so that it is completely isolated. Available from Apple and Android app stores

Data Sheet

User Manual

About Teconnex Ltd

About TeconnexPower



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