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Waterproof gland SS1 Plastic for cables 4.5 - 9mm dia, connectors to 21mm dia

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Category: Outside
Product is in these Types: Waterproof Fittings
Manufacturer: Index Marine
Price:  £15.67

Stock (or expected despatch time):

Update pending

This marine grade fitting solves the problem of providing a waterproof gland which will allow you to pass a cable from the outside of your motorhome to the inside even though the cable is already fitted with a connector which has a much larger diameter than the cable itself.This version is made from plastic.

Note that there is now limited stock of this item which has been replaced by the new version DG21P

The gland is provided with a set of special rubber bushes which have a split from the perimeter to the central cable holes, so that the cable connector can be passed through the large hole in the cap of the gland before the bush is placed over the cable. The cap and the bushes are tapered so that when the cap is tightened down the rubber bush is compressed and the slit is closed tightly while at the same time the cable is gripped tightly in the central hole.

Three bushes are included thus providing a choice of hole sizes to suit your cable diameter.

An advantage of the design is that it is fitted entirely on one side of the opening so there is no nothing to tighten up on the other side which otherwise can be a problem when there is an intervening cavity, for instance in double-skinned GRP roofs and side panels.

The 21 mm central hole in the base and cap will allow a large connector up to this size to pass through and the bushes will provide a water-tight seal on cables from 4.5mm to 9mm outside diameter. The gland is available in aluminium or plastic material (see the alternatives panel). We can also supply larger models of the same design for bigger cable and connectors - although our standard gland should be all you would need for typical motorhome uses.

  • Plastic body (colour grey)
  • Takes cables from 4.5mm - 9mm complete with connectors up to 21mm.
  • Complete with three rubber bushes and flexible sealing washer for the backplate, and stainless steel fixing screws and bolts.
  • The gland can be re-opened at any time if it is necessary to disconnect or remove the cable and connector.
  • Overall size of the fitting, approx.: diameter 43mm; total height of base and cap 25mm.

See the article about how we used these glands for the installation of our own reversing cameras, and see more pictures in a slideshow: Waterproof glands for our reversing cameras


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