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Shield AGM 100 AH battery

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Category: Power on the move
Product is in these Types: Batteries
Manufacturer: Shield Batteries
Price:  £177.99

Stock (or expected despatch time):

Update pending

Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) type leisure battery has excellent recovery from deep discharge, longer life and lower weight. Valve regulated (VRLA) sealed and maintenance-free.

  • Rating: 110 Ah @ 20 hr rate
  • Size (mm): length 329 x width 172 x height 221
  • Weight: 32.95kg kg

Shield Batteries is a British company which began manufacturing batteries here over 100 years ago, in 1910. It continues to manufacture specialist batteries in its own works as well as supplying a wide range of batteries manufactured for the company using the latest designs and technology. It also is the sole UK distributor for the Crown brand which is made in the USA and it also owns and distributes the Sterling brand into Europe.

Shield Leisure offer the ideal choice for high quality when it comes to selecting batteries for motorhomes and caravans.

The AGM range from Shield / Sterling provides maxium capacity and longevity, combined with lower weight, which more than offset the higher initial cost compared to flooded batteries.

The Shield leisure range is designed to supply a much lower current over a longer period of time to enable lighting, water pumps, televisions and other appliances to operate over long periods. The battery has the ability to constantly discharge and recharge to a greater degree during its normal life, compared to the starter battery. This is known as deep cycling. AGM batteries are even better in this respect will tolerate deep discharges better than even heavy duty flooded batteries.

  • Tank formed construction to allow indivdual plate inspection prior to battery assembly, eleimating manufacturing defects and guaranteeing 100% capacity on delivery
  • No electrolyte leakage, allowing batteries to be postiioned on their side
  • Excellent recovery from deep discharge
  • Low self discharge - approx 3% per month
  • Impact resistant ABS case and cover
  • Threaded 16mm post with centre tapping for M6 bolt .
  • Maintenance free


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