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Hyundai HY2000Si-LPG 2.2kW Inverter Dual Fuel Generator Pure Sine 2kW continuous

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Category: Power on the move
Product is in these Types: Generators
Generators Gas Petrol
Manufacturer: Hyundai
Price:  £871.23

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The Hyundai HY2000Si-LPG is the second smallest dual fuel LPG gas/petrol inverter generator in the Hyundai leisure range. It is the ideal petrol generator to take on your motorhome, camping, caravanning or boating trips.

This model is a dual-fuel version of the standard petrol generator.

It is converted to dual fuel by qualified Hyundai engineers at time of order; it provides the option of running the generator from an LPG propane gas bottle while also allowing the user to revert to using petrol if required.

The conversion is retro-fitted in the UK before being despatched to the customer.

The dual-fuel models are likely to appeal more to motorhome or caravan users who already carry a suitable LPG supply.

The Hyundai HY2000Si-LPG is one of the best mid-range leisure generators on the global market. With a continuous 2.0 kW output, it is the ideal portable petrol leisure inverter generator for those with a higher power requirement for camping, motorhomes, caravans, boats, tents or anywhere you can think you might need clean reliable power.

This generator's maximum output is 2.2kW and 2.0kW continuous so you'll have more than enough to power your microwave, or a small heater or a hair dryer.

When the load is low, for example when you're powering a battery charger or lighting system, it has an ECO throttle system which steps in and can lower the engine revs to little above tick-over speed. This significantly lowers the noise level and also helps with fuel consumption.

Having a smart generator that is kind on both noise output and economy makes this the ideal machine for small, portable power.

At light load, it is possible to get as much as 9 hours of run time from one of these machines. Recently, the HY2000Si-LPG has had improved electronics, new bodywork like the rest of the inverter range and an vastly improved fuel system.

Equipped with the latest sophisticated technology, the AC output is one of the smoothest available; the clean sine wave power allows direct connection of even the most sensitive of electronic equipment or appliances.

The starting reliability and general functionality of this machine is what puts it streets ahead of the competition; and such is the reliability and advanced technology of the HY2000Si-LPG, that it comes with a 2-year guarantee.

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Key features this model (HY1000Si-LPG)

Fuel:   Dual Fuel LPG / Petrol
Starting Method:   Recoil start (manual pull)
Max output 230v:   2.2kW (2200w)
Continuous output 230v:   2.0kW (2000w)

Other versions:  This generator is also available in a petrol-only fuel version; and both versions also are available with electric start - see alternatives at the bottom of the page.

This model also features the Hyundai Economy Throttle system, which is an automatic regulator for the engine, controlling the rpm based on the load on the generator.

Unlike most traditional generators, the ECO-throttle will only draw as much power as it needs, keeping the speed of the engine as low as possible and prolonging the lifespan of both the engine and the generator, as well as reducing the overall fuel consumption of the machine.

Because of this feature, it means that you can get up to 9 hours running time, depending on load, and all at an acceptable level of noise.

This is a huge plus point when considering that it will be used primarily in leisure situations such as campsites and areas where noise is an issue and the improved system makes this one of the most environmentally friendly generators on the UK market.


Model -   HY2000Si

Type -   Digital Inverter

Maximum Output -   2.2kW / 2.2kVA

Continuous Output -   2.0kW / 2kVA

Frequency -   50Hz

Voltage / Current -  230V / 9.57A; 1x12V 8.3a (DC)

Sockets -  2 x 230V / 13A; 1x12V 8.3a (DC)

Power Factor -  1 cos

Engine -  Hyundai HX125 133cc 4.9hp Motor, 4-Stroke OHV

Starting Method -  Recoil Start

Engine Oil -  15w40 (0.6l)

Fuel -  LPG / Unleaded Petrol (4.5l)

Runtime -  Up to 9hrs

Noise (50% Load) -  92dBA (58dBA @ 7m)

Dimensions -  L: 551 x W: 308 x H: 488 mm plus gas fittings

Weight -  30kg

Hyundai Standard Leisure Warranty -  2 years (first year parts and labour, second year parts only)

Hyundai Commercial Use Warranty -  6 months (parts and labour)

Standard Features -

  • Power Indicator Light
  • AC Overload Protector
  • AC Socket (2)
  • DC Socket
  • DC Protector
  • Low Oil Light
  • Pure Sine Wave Output

Download documents:

Quickstart Guide - all Hyundai leisure inverter generators.

User Manual - Hyundai inverter generators models HY1000Si, HY2000Si, HY3000Si. (47 pages, 18 MB)


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