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H2O countertop 24-month water filter, 6-stage for odours, chemicals and bacteria

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Category: Water
Product is in these Types: Water Filters
Manufacturer: H2O International Inc
Price:  Â£87.13

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This H2O PCT high-efficiency countertop water filter requires no installation - the compact unit stands on your worktop adjacent to the normal tap to which it connects with one of the supplied adaptors. The connection features a valve which instantly diverts the water flow through the filter and out of its own outlet spout - or allows the water to flow straight through without filtering for non-potable uses.

This makes it ideal for motorhomes and caravans where it is often difficult to find the space or access which is needed in order to install an undersink unit permanently into the pipework. It is a portable, sealed unit and can be simply unclipped and stowed when you are mobile - and once back home you can even use it on your domestic kitchen tap.

All that's required is a tap which has an aerator fitting at the end of the outlet spout - and this is present on most modern taps used in motorhomes, caravans and in the home. Generally these aerators simply unscrew from the tap and the filter comes with a choice of adaptor sizes to fit in its place. There is even a universal adaptor for taps without an aeriator. A small diameter tube carries water from the valve to the base of the filter where it is forced through the 6-stage filter stack.

The filters are made in the USA and meet the high standards required by the FDA there. The countertop versions were developed specially with the RV market in mind.

Sealed - or replaceable cartrridge alternatives

The range has two alternative styles: either sealed units which combine filter and casing - with connector and spout - in a single unit which is discarded at the end of the filter's life; or replaceable cartridge units where the casing and its connector and spout is a housing for a replaceable cartridge.

Altough the countertop versions are disposable and cannot be recharged they are very reasonably priced given their long life and capacity.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to continue to use the filter safely for the suggested overall time, during any period when the filter is not being used regularly nevertheless it should be flushed through with several litres of tap water at intervals, say every couple of weeks, to keep it activated so that bacteria are prevented from growing. This is most easily done by attaching the standard connector / valve to a domestic tap in your home; many kitchen taps will already have the required thread for an aerator spout. You could do this occasionally or leave the filter connected to your domestic tap where it can provide clean tasting filtered water in your home too.

For even greater economy there are replaceable cartridge versions which work out cheaper in the long run but the initial purchase cost is considerably higher.

.... and an ECO range reduces outlay still further

Within the two styles decribed above there are also 'E' versions which cost less: they have the same features and filtration capabilites as the standard versions but a somewhat shorter lifespan.

No more need to buy and transport bottled water - use water straight from your tank. The filter will remove contaminants and improve the taste, colour and odour of the water. By removing the chlorine and other nasties (kills 99.99% of bacteria) that could be lurking in the tap water you use to fill your tank the filter will ensure that your tank supply is safe and pleasant.

Comparison table, all models - plus see photos and video of one which we have fitted in our own motorhome


Features of this Water Purifier

  • 6 Stage filtration and purification system
  • Installs in minutes without tools
  • Fits most taps, adaptors included
  • Compact and light and economical
  • Sealed construction
  • Bacteriostatic media – prevents bacteria growth
  • Improves taste and colour
  • Eliminates odours
  • Removes 100s of contaminants
  • Removes harmful chlorine
  • Riolyte re-introduces minerals lost during water treatment
  • Pre-filter is optional
  • Manufacturer’s warranty

The systems contain a bacteriostatic media, KDF® (current US Patent) which has been tested to drastically reduce or effectively remove:

Chlorine, lead, arsenic, barium, cadmium, chromium, selenium, mercury, iron and other metals that may be present in the water.

The Coconut Shell Granular Activated Carbon is used to improve the taste and odour and to remove:

chlorine, THMs, PCBs and many other organic contaminants that may be present in the water.

Capacity and Price:

  • Cartridge will last 11,350 litres or 18-24 months before needing to be replaced.
  • Cost works out at around .82p per litre of pure water.
  • Recommended Flow: (1.9 to 3.8 litres/min)
  • Unit Height X Unit Width: 10” (25.4cm) X 2.75” (7cm) in diameter
  • Unit Shipping Weight: 1.1kg

The filters are intended for use with municipal tap water supplies anywhere but not for extremely polluted water such as supplies drawn from boreholes where the groundwater has been contaminated by hazardous industrial wastes.

Why we rate it GREAT STUFF!

As soon as we saw this product we decided that we would try it for ourselves; we have long wanted to filter our tank water but there is simply no place that we can install a fixed filter.

You can check out our filter, in situ, in the link earlier in this page; ours in the cheapest model, the EPCT sealed. We have yet to gain extended experience of our filter in use but so far we are pleased with its ease of use and the high quality of the fittings.

In the past we have resorted to a separate supply of bottled water for drinking purposes, taking up space and adding cost. In practice we often re-used empty bottles and simply re-filled them from campsite taps. But then we hear that you are not supposed to do this because the bottle material itself will grow bacteria which then contaminates the water .. .. So we end up keeping the bottled water in the fridge to keep it 'fresh' - thereby wasting very valuable space in the fridge.

We also like the idea that this unit does its filtering right at the very end of the water pathway from the tank and so there is no long run of pipe between the filter and the tap where bacteria might grow if the water has not been flowing for a while.


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