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Efoy extension POWER line, 8 metres - plugs in to standard line.

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Category: Power on the move
Product is in these Types: Fuel Cells & Fuel
Manufacturer: Efoy (SFC)
Price:  £62.01

Stock (or expected despatch time):

Expected despatch two or three days

Efoy fuel cells are supplied as standard with plug-in cable sets (positive and negative) which connect between the fuel cell and the battery. There are two cable sets: one is the 'power line' which carries the charging current from the fuel cell to the battery; the other is the 'sense line' which also connects between the fuel cell and the battery but is used only to monitor battery voltage and is a lighter gauge of cable.

Each of these 'lines' is made up of two sections: one section is complete with fuse holders and fuses and is connected to the battery; the other section plugs into the fuel cell. The sections are joined together using the pre-fitted plug-in connectors which ensure that they can't be joined incorrectly.

The standard sets are around 2 metres in length. If the battery is further away from the Efoy's location then the cables need to be extended.

The optional extension lines from Efoy provide the simplest way of doing this: they are the correct gauge and are supplied with matching connectors already fitted so that the extension simply plugs in between the two sections of the standard lines, ensuring that the connections are made correctly and easily. The extensions are 8 metres in length.

NB: If you want to use these extension lines then generally you will need to buy both the power line extension and the sense line extension since they will follow the same route between fuel cell and battery.


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