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Bright White LED Reading Light with Switch 12v Surface Mount Motorhome Caravan

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Category: Power on the move
Product is in these Types: Lighting
Manufacturer: XSmotive
Price:  £39.31

Stock (or expected despatch time):

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The XSmotive 12v-24v high brightness white light LED reading lamp is ideal for installing in motorhomes, campervans and caravans. It has a surface-mounted white body with switch and rotatable directional beam.

  • High brightness white light LED with switch on the housing
  • Adjustable light direction (rotate and tilt)
  • Easy installation - two wires
  • Body colour: white
  • Input voltage: 12-24v DC
  • Output: 1w LED 350mA

Why we rate the XSmotive LED reading light GREAT STUFF

Having tried a variety of solutions to the problem of not having comfortable reading lights in the right place in our small motorhome, I had found that most of the solutions had severe drawbacks.

Portable lights are flexible in their position choices - in theory. But in practice they have to be either powered by their own batteries or by being plugged in to a power socket in the motorhome. Lights with built-in batteries soon begin to lose their brightness while plug-in units entail tangles of cables and proximity to a socket. On top of that, both types have to be fixed to ... something. There's never a 'something' in the right place.

In short, there's a lot of irritation involved; not ideal if all you want is a relaxing read.

So my conclusion is that it's best to have a wired-in unit which is always available in the right place and ready to go with a flick of a switch. However there still might be issues with a focussed light not being in quite the right position; and the quality of the light is very important too - it must be bright, must not run hot when you are sitting close under it and the colour of the light must be comfortable and pleasant.

The XSmotive has satisfied on all of these needs.

For a start, once it is fixed there is still plenty of freedom in setting the beam to exactly where it is required because the 'eyeball' design allows the lens to be rotated in multiple directions.

I took care to locate the light in pretty much the right place over my 'reading seat'; and then the light's swivelling capability copes perfectly with the fact that the seat itself might be slid backwards or forwards, or swivelled a little to either side, or the backrest reclined, during reading.

And most important of all, the quality of the light provided is excellent: there is ample brightness and the coverage is very even, without 'hot spots' or shading. The spread of the cone of light is also very well controlled, so that the coverage is broad enough but does not waste intensity through too much overspill

The video below, and the pictures further down, demonstrate the installed light in use and before installation.

(If your browser is not displaying the video directly in your page you can View on YouTube )

The light from the LED is focused through a high quality lens which provides very even illumination across a well defined area. The tilting and swivelling movement allow the beam to be easily directed to the best place in your favourite reading position.

Rotate it ...

... And tilt it.

An on-off switch is provided

A closer view of the lens

The XSmotive LED reading light is simple to install - just a live and negative wire to connect to your 12v circuit.



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