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Adaptor from Euro 2-pin socket to UK 3-pin mains socket

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Category: Power on the move
Product is in these Types: Adaptors Electrical 230v

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Electrical Tester 230v
Manufacturer: W4
Price:  Â£3.58

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If you have a continental motorhome which is fitted with Euro-style 2 pin sockets, simply plug in this adaptor which provides you with the standard UK 3 pin 240v socket.
Rating: 7.5 Amp.



Tip: the continental system allows you to plug into the 2 pin socket in either orientation; therefore you will be able to plug in this adaptor with the UK three pin in either the normal earth-pin-up orientation, or reversed with the earth pin down. This means that you can use this method to reverse the 'wiring' for live and neutral - useful if you are on a site where the site mains supply polarity is reversed.

In practice a continental motorhome wired to European standards will be fitted with a corresponding double-pole circuit breaker which acts on both the live and neutral wires, so reversed live / netural does not matter - and this might also mean that the vehicle's factory-fitted mains circuit's polarity can vary from one vehicle to the next. However if you are happier knowing that the live and neutral are in the standard UK orientation (which is specified this way because UK installations might have a circuit breaker only in the live wire) then you can ensure this by placing the adaptor in the appropriate orientation.

In order to know which way up to plug in the adaptor - if you do want to maintain standard UK polarity - you will need a mains tester. The one which we sell is a plug-in tester with a simple traffic light display which indicates polarity and also tests whether an earth is present in the supply.


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