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3M HF10 water filter cartridge high performance 0.2 mic bacteria cysts E1 E2

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Category: Water
Product is in these Types: Filters
Water Filters
Manufacturer: 3M
Price:  £73.15

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3M high performance 0.2 micron replacement water filter cartridge for 3M's E2 and E1 water filter kits.

The E1 and E2 kits are particularly suitable for installation in motorhomes, campervans, caravans and boats.

Although the E1 and E2 kits are no longer available from 3M in this combined kit form you can make up a kit from separate components - purchase this HF10 cartridge plus the AP3 head and the blanking plug - see the related products at the bottom of this page. You will also need to add connectors to suit your pipe.

The HF10 cartridges offer all the advantages of the E2 cartridges with ultra-fine filter of 0.2 microns for the reduction of up to 99.99% of bacteria, cysts, algae and mould spores, as tested. Reduces chlorine taste and odours.

In addition the HF10 cartridges employ 3M's advanced, pleated construction which retains the filtering performance while improving water flow and reducing the overall size of the cartridge so that it will fit all installations of E2 and E1 heads.


The HF10 cartridge filters down to 0.2 microns


HF10 - details from the cartridge label


  • Capacity: 7,600 litres
  • Micron Rating: 0.2 micron - reduces microbial content in water and protects customers from cyst and 99.9% of common pathogens.
  • Flow: 3.8 litres per minute
  • Water application: SWC (Standard Water Conditions) - treated municipal water. Do not use with water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality without adequate disinfection before or after the system.
  • Reduction of: chlorine taste and odour; sediment; cyst; bacteria
  • Pressure: Maximum operating pressure is 125psi.
  • Other: For use with cold water only. Maximum operating temperature is 38 deg. C.

Dimensions of the complete unit - the head with the cartridge fitted. There must be 7.6cm clear beneath the cartridge to allow fitting and removal of the cartridge.

Integrated Membrane Pre-Activated Carbon Technology media combines a high surface area pleated media and a pre-activated carbon block in a single cartridge to dramatically reduce pressure drop, provide higher throughputs and longer cartridge life, while eliminating the need for pre-filtration.

This unique technology combines a pleated media prior to a high performance carbon block. In cyst rated units like the HF10 this allows sediment, cyst and bacteria reduction with chlorine taste and odour reduction in a single cartridge.

In this 0.2 micron rated filter, water first flows through a patented multi-zone, pleated nylon membrane which provides exceptionally high surface area.

The first zone with larger openings retains the large particles like sediment, rust and cysts. The finer second zone traps the smallest contaminants like bacteria and gives a final polish.

Water then flows through a pre-activated carbon block to reduce chlorine taste and odour and other organics. The patented rigid block ensures that no carbon fines are released into the water.

Bacterial reduction by membrane filtration of 99.9% of common pathogens as tested with E.coli and Pseudomonas Fluorescens. NSF and CFR-21 certified for use for materials in contact with drinking water. Systems certified for cyst reduction may be used on disinfected water that may contain filterable cysts.

3M recommends scheduled maintenance and replacement of the filter cartridge. Change the filter cartridge at least every 6 months.


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