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Campervanstuff's low-down on the SOG toilet ventilation system

The SOG toilet ventilation kit converts your Thetford toilet into a chemical-free system which is not only a completely green solution but also banishes smells from the interior of your unit. No chemical smells and no smells from waste matter, even during use of the toilet.

The high quality system from the German company SOG is available in a variety of kits which are purpose-made to fit different Thetford installations. All the kits cost the same (except that the SOG II versions with floor outlet do cost more) - you only have to select the right kit for your toilet. It's easy to choose the right kit for your toilet - see further down this page for the guide to kit types.

The kits provide a special exhaust fan which is connected to the holding tank via a hose and connectors. Also provided in the fan wiring is a micro switch which attaches to the waste tank housing in a position where it is activated and turns on the extraction fan as soon as the toilet valve begins to open.

This draws air down into the toilet bowl - preventing any smell at all from rising - and into the holding tank and it is then exhausted through the hose and ventilation fan into a small exterior housing which contains a carbon filter (which should be replaced once a year) which removes odours before the air escapes to the outside.

For serious business, keep the valve blade open during use and the new smells are drawn away as they are produced, before they can escape from the bowl.

Not only is the use of chemical superfluous but optimal decomposition of the waste matter in the tank is speeded up by the supply of fresh oxygen passing through the tank. It is also no longer necessary to use special toilet papers and the toilet can be emptied less often.

Many toilet chemicals are only effective for a few days and therefore the toilet should be emptied even if the toilet is nowhere near full, just so that it can be recharged with fresh chemical.

With the SOG system you can forget about problems or doubts about whether you are allowed to empty your tank into facilities which are harmed by chemical actions, for example at campsites with septic tanks.

The SOG fans have a very small power consumption at only 0.43 watts; the fan and its motor have been specially developed for sanitation systems. The kit is guaranteed for two years and replacement parts are available for all components.

Why we rate it GREAT STUFF!

Some time ago we noticed a SOG unit fitted to a continental motorhome and after finding out what it was we were intrigued by the claims made for SOG units. However, we put off installing one because our particular vehicle presented some special and unusual non-standard installation issues which most users would not face.

But for too long we have been reluctant to use our cassette bench toilet for serious business, mostly because of the awkwardness of having the inevitable smells permeate the small space of our motorhome. So it was used only for light relief and we got accustomed to the pervading although not obnoxious odour of the green chemical we used to dose the tank.

Our reluctance meant that we have not considered camping on basic 'own san essential' sites and it seemed a shame that we were limiting ourselves in this way when we had a perfectly good toilet on board.

So finally I had a good think about how to tackle our installation, then ordered the Type A kit which was the right one for our toilet - and it was all done in a day, albeit a rather long day.

The result? This is a fantastic product and we are delighted. It does everything claimed for it. Yep, we've done a trip and after giving it a good testing we can report not even the tiniest whiff. For the first time we would have no hesitation about going to sites which have no sanitation facilities - but which might have so much to offer in the way of location, peace and quiet.

The kit components are very well thought out and implemented and we are confident that we will have many years of service from our SOG. There is one small downside to the system which is that at emptying time the waste smell is not disguised by chemical but this is only a fleeting problem and in any case the tank empties easily because paper and solids seem to break down quickly. Doesn't smell all that bad outdoors anyway ...

As an example, the photos below show the waste tank connection for the SOG Type A kit:

SOG Type A connector

Before emptying, disconnect the vent hose .....


SOG A remove connector

.... and insert the stopper. Everything else is as normal.


SOG outside vent in door

Air is drawn from the toilet by the ventilation fan to the outside via an outlet vent which contains a charcoal filter to remove smells. The vent is mounted on the cassette door.

Download the manual for Installation instructions SOG Type A


Select the right kit for your toilet:

Use the table below to decide which kit you need; then to go to that kit's product page. Each type is also available in the latest SOG II variant, which provides an advanced filter cartridge and through-the-floor installation for maximum flexibility. You can find the standard (door installation) versions and the SOG II versions in our product listings.

Note that all kits are available in an alternative roof mounting version: if you want to order this version then please contact us first.

Toilet type SOG feature Illustration SOG kit required
(click link)
Thetford bench type, models C2, C3, C4. Waste holding tank 20 litres. Air hose connects to tank's emptying spout: you must drill a hole for the supplied rubber seal and connector. SOG A Type A
Type A (II)
Thetford swivel bowl type, model C200. Air hose connects to tank's pressure relief valve. No hole drilling is needed: the pressure valve is replaced by the SOG connecting piece. SOG B Type B
Type B (II)
Thetford swivel bowl type, model C250 (New) - wheeled holding tank, 18 litres, with orange-coloured handle, spout and wheels. Air hose connects to the cap of the tank's emptying spout: you must drill a hole for the supplied rubber seal and connector. Sog C250 Type F
Type F (II)
Thetford bench type, model C400. Waste holding tank 19.3 litres, wheeled holding tank has green wheels and green handle. Holes need to be bored in the cassette housing but not in the cassette (waste holding tank) itself. SOG D Type D
Type D (II)
Thetford Porta Pottis - all portable models Air hose connects to waste tank: you must drill a hole for the supplied rubber seal and connector. Manual electric switch supplied to turn on the ventilator fan. SOG C Type C
Type C (II)
Permanent (non removable) tanks. SOG kit which can be installed in a variety of non-standard situations. SOG Permanent Permanent
All toilets types listed above - alternative roof mounting version of the SOG kits. Alternative SOG kit which is designed to vent through the roof rather than through the cassette door. SOG roof vent All SOG types - please specify Roof Mounting


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