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U-Level Wireless Portable Levelling Device for Motorhomes Caravans Remote View

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Category: Useful stuff
Product is in these Types: Levelling aids
Manufacturer: NCM Innovations Ltd
Price:  £102.25

Stock (or expected despatch time):

Expected despatch two or three days

U-LEVEL is an electronic wireless level indicator which allows you to monitor the level of any surface inside your motorhome or caravan via a remote portable display that you can view from the driving seat of cab or car, even whilst your are manoeuvring to choose the ideal position on your pitch.

U-LEVEL consists of a transmitter unit and a matching receiver unit. They clip together for convenient storage and then can be unclipped to separate them into two identical-looking units with matching displays. Each display incorporates a cross-hair shaped row of LEDs which light up in a position which matches the inclination and direction of the slope by which the surface differs from being level.

U-LEVEL closed for storing

U-LEVEL separates into transmitter and receiver

When the central green LED lights the surface is level; otherwise each LED step away from the centre corresponds to roughly one degree difference. The unit can be calibrated on a known level surface.

The transmitter does not have to be in sight of the user because its reading is duplicated on the hand-held receiver which can be carried to any location within the wireless range (the units will warn if they lose contact). So, for example, a motorhome can be driven up a ramp and the driver can watch the level while a helper outside the vehicle makes sure the vehicle does not run out of ramp. Or the helper can have the receiver and signal to the driver when the right level is achieved.

In the case of a caravan, lean and pitch of the caravan can be finely observed both whilst the caravan is being towed onto the pitch and afterwards when adjustments are being made by raising a side onto a ramp or using the jockey wheel to adjust the pitch.

The device comes with detailed advice on using it in different ways - for instance as a help in setting up the levelling of a car and caravan in travelling mode.

Its accuracy and ease of use means that it might well find other uses about the house for DIY tasks, such as for levelling a surface where a conventional spirit level could not be viewed conveniently.

Made in the UK.

The complete U-LEVEL device	Open it to reveal matching transmitter and receiver. The receiver, with a lanyard attached for safe carrying, repeats the display on the transmitter (the transmitter is the device that is placed on the surface which needs to be levelled). Indicating nose up, right side down Left side is down slightly Surface is level javascript lightbox gallery by v6.0m

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