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Reich 12v universal fan with heat sensor - cools fridges, satellite receivers

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Category: Hot and cold
Product is in these Types: Fans
Manufacturer: Reich
Price:  £29.75

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This 12v fan's intended use it to increase airflow for the fridge in your motorhome by blowing through the heat exchanger fins. Fridges will not perform properly in conditions where the ambient temperatures are too high and the installation has restricted ventilation through the fins.

But we also think that this fan provides an excellent way to cool a satellie receiver which is located in a small cupboard which does not have enough ventilation - a situation which can lead to erratic behaviour and premature failure of the receiver.

The fan provides a high airflow and comes with a mounting bracket and a thermo sensor switch which operates at approximately 50 deg C

  • Improves fridge performance
  • Fully automatic
  • Easy installation
  • Maintenance free
  • Uses only 0.3 amps / 3.6 watts
  • No television or radio interference
  • 10,000 hour continuous rated motor
  • Dimensions 90mm x 90mm x 15mm

Why we rate it GREAT STUFF!

The problem we have is with our sateliite receiver, which is getting worryingly hot in the retricted space in the cupboard where it is located in our motorhome.

Having already suffered the demise of a previous, expensive sateliite receiver and having put that down to the fact that most of the time it was running very hot, we find it alarming that with the cupboard door closed the replacement receiver sometimes starts to behave erratically but rights itself if the door is left open - so we have been looking for a solution.

The only way to cool it was to leave the cupboard door open when we are watching TV but the door gets in the way when we move about. While there are solutions which entail fitting very small fans actually inside the casing of the receiver, this involves making large holes in the casing and soldering the fan wiring into the receiver circuits; not something that appealed to us.

The Reich fridge fan offers the perfect solution. It is easy to mount in the cupboard space so that it blows through the vents in the receiver's cover, and it uses very little power. The thermo sensor could be a bonus, as it allows the fan to run automatically, cycling itslef on and off and so saving power; however, it might turn out that the sensor's trip point of 50 deg C is too high to be useful for this application. We have it taped the sensor down to a point on the cover which previously got hot quickest but in initial tests, conducted in cool conditions, this spot is not hot enough to trip the sensor, therefore we have by-passed the sensor so that the fan runs continuously. As a refinement we are powering the fan with a small mains adaptor which has different output voltage settings, from12v and lower. So far the 6v setting seems to give the best results: the fan runs slower and quieter but still gives a strong blow and we have plenty of settings in reserve for really hot weather.

This is a new installation for us so it's still to be fully tested in regular use but so far it is doing the job perfectly.


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