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Linnepe 3-in-1 gas alarm detects butane / propane, carbon monoxide, narcotic gas

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Category: Safety
Product is in these Types: Alarms
Manufacturer: Linnepe
Price:  ¬£76.08

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The TriGasAlarm is a high quality gas alarm from the German company Linnepe and detects three hazardous gases:

  • LPG (both butane and propane) in case of accidental leakage from an appliance, cylinder or a pipe.
  • Carbon monoxide (CO) - which can be produced by any gas-burning appliance which is not correctly vented or which has an insufficient supply of fresh air to fuel the combustion process.
  • Narcotic "knock-out" gases such as ether which reportedly have been used in robberies to render the victims unconscious.

The TriGasAlarm is permanently connected to the 12 V supply . Switch on the device by pressing on its housing. After sounding an initial tone and showing a red start-up light, it change to a green flashing light to indicate the calibration phase after the system check. When the device is ready for operation, the green light is permanently illuminated. In the alarm state, the unit flashes red, illuminating the housing brighly, and the internal siren sounds.

The unit conforms to strict European legislation and is simple to install, easy to use and very reliable.

The sensor is extremely sensitive, and warns of even the smallest gas concentrations. The sensorís functioning is verified at every start-up, and the automatic calibration tests at 40 second intervals whether the setting is still correct, and modifies it as required. Light and sound signals assure the user that it is functioing correctly at all times.

Green means peace of mind ... .

There is also a pre-alarm function which warns if the gas concentration increases even for a short period (less than 40 seconds). The unit switches back into the readiness state after the pre-alarm but if the gas concentration stays the same or increases, the full alarm sounds after the pre-alarm.

  • Operating voltage: 5-14 V
  • Current requirement in stand-by mode: 100 mA
  • Current requirement in alarm mode: 180 mA
  • Loudness of alarm: approx. 80 dB
  • Dimensions: 80mm diameter x 45mm high
  • Sensitivity: 95 ppm (EEC)
  • Conformity: 89/336 EEC Ė 93/68 EEC

Why we rate it GREAT STUFF!

We like the TriGasAlarm for its simplicity in use and the confidence that this provides: not only because it can replace three separate devices but also because its steady green light provides an immediate confirmation that the alarm is turned on and working.

This makes the alarm status much more visible compared with our previous domestic-type CO alarm, for instance, which requires that you stare at it for up to 30 seconds until you catch a brief flash of LED which indicates that it is alive.

The Linnepe unit is easily wired in to the motorhome's 12v system (it will work at voltages down to 5v) and thus does not need to have it's batteries replaced - which otherwise usually is quite likely to happen when you don't have a replacement on board. Wiring it in is not difficult - one positive and one negative wire; and the unit has a very low current draw so it can be attached to even low amperage circuits. We suggest that it is advisable to add a fuse in the alarm wire so that it is protected by its own fuse of a suitably low rating - ideally 1amp.

The TriGasAlarm is an expensive item but we feel it has made us safer. In our case it hasn't actually replaced three alarms: of the three we were in truth previously only equipped with a CO alarm. But for a long time we have been meaning to install an LPG alarm and this was considered to be more pressing than having a narcotic gas alarm even though some of the stories we have read about possible gas attacks can be worrying.

But we now have all three in one device so we didn't have to choose. We do still have a separate smoke alarm.


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