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SOG toilet vent kit Type A for Thetford types C2, C3, C4. No chemicals, no smell

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Category: Sanitation
Product is in these Types: SOG Toilet Vent Kits
Toilet Vent Kits (SOG)
Manufacturer: SOG
Price:  £136.81

Stock (or expected despatch time):

Expected despatch one or two days

The SOG toilet ventilation kit converts your Thetford toilet into a chemical-free system which is not only a completely green solution but also banishes smells from the interior of your unit. No chemical smells and no smells from waste matter, even during use of the toilet.

The high quality system from the German company SOG is available in a variety of kits which are purpose-made to fit different Thetford installations. All the kits cost the same (although the SOG II through-the-floor versions do cost more) - you only have to select the right kit for your toilet.

It's easy to choose the right kit for your toilet - see the link below to go to our detailed information and selection table for kit types which explains briefly how the connections for each type differ.

Choose the right SOG kit type - campervanstuff's low-down on the SOG toilet ventilation system

If you already know the type you need, you can browse for it in campervanstuff's range of SOG products: Other SOG kits and accessories in the shop.


The photos below show the waste tank connection for the SOG Type A kit:

SOG Type A connector

Before emptying, disconnect the vent hose .....


SOG A remove connector

.... and insert the stopper. Everything else is as normal.


SOG outside vent in door

Air is drawn from the toilet by the ventilation fan to the outside via an outlet vent which contains a charcoal filter to remove smells. The vent is mounted on the cassette door.

Download the manual for Installation instructions SOG Type A



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