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Efoy Comfort 80 fuel cell, charging rate 3.3 amps, 80 Ah per day


Efoy Comfort 140 fuel cell, charging rate 6.0 amps, 140 Ah per day

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Frilight Kurs 12V LED SMD Reading Light with Switch, 330mm Flexible Arm Silver

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12v / 24v USB charging socket - charges USB devices from cigar ligher socket.
Manufacturer: Ring
Price: £8.47

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12v / 24v USB Charging Socket suitable for MP3 and mobile phone recharging. ... More Details

4-pin adaptor tip for 12v regulator stabliser
Manufacturer: Various
Price: £6.14 £4.29

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Output tip Adapter for the Amperor regulator stabiliser. Converts the standard tip (OD: 5.5mm, ID: 2.1mm) to #2 tip (4-pins, Pins 1 & 2 = Positive, Pins 3 & 4 = Negative). ... More Details

4-way blade fuse box holder, with cover over the fuseways
Manufacturer: W4
Price: £4.36 £3.05

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... More Details

5.5 x 2.5mm Adaptor Tip for Amperor 12v stabiliser, Converts standard 2.1mm tip
Manufacturer: AMPS
Price: £3.08 £2.15

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... More Details

Adaptor from Euro 2-pin socket to UK 3-pin mains socket
Manufacturer: W4
Price: £3.58 £2.50

More Details

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If you have a continental motorhome which is fitted with Euro-style 2 pin sockets, simply plug in this adaptor which provides you with the standard UK 3 pin 240v socket.
Rating: 7.5 Amp. ... More Details

Adaptor plugs into a DIN 12 volt socket to convert to cigar lighter socket
Manufacturer: W4
Price: £9.85 £6.90

More Details

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Enables appliances fitted with cigar lighter plugs to be used with the DIN sockets which are normally fitted in the living areas of motorhomes and other leisure vehicles. ... More Details

Adaptor, UK 3pin 230v to hook-up socket - connect a standard hook-up cable
Price: £6.90 £4.83

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Enables a mains hook-up site plug and lead to be connected to an ordinary 13 amp outlet. Ideal for plugging your hook-up cable into your home 230v supply when parked on your driveway. ... More Details

Battery Box for sizes 60-80 Ah with lid which has cable channels
Manufacturer: Various
Price: £21.09

More Details

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Acid resistant plastic boxes, comes with battery strap, 2 retainers and a buckle. ... More Details

Battery Master - keeps engine battery safely topped up from leisure battery
Manufacturer: Van Bitz
Price: £62.48

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The Battery Master keeps your engine starter battery safely topped up by linking it to the leisure battery. Its automatic one-way action will pass a small trickle charge to the engine battery whenever its voltage becomes less than a defined level below that of the leisure battery, so that the engine battery is kept in the best condition for easy starting and a long service life. ... More Details

Bendable universal DIN and cigar lighter plug 12v, 8amp fuse
Manufacturer: Various
Price: £8.97 £6.28

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A universal plug - for DIN or lighter sockets - which can be angled at up to 90 degrees. ... More Details

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